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The COVID-19 pandemic has created stress for nearly everyone.

Coupled with the pending 20th anniversary of 9/11, which also changed life as we know it in the U.S., individuals may be feeling even more overwhelmed as raw memories of that infamous day linger, HU Population Health Professor Dr. Nancy Mimm said during a recent interview with FOX43 news.

The same anxiety people felt on 9/11 may resurface as the anniversary approaches, Mimm said.

“It’s constant stress and turmoil; every soul has been touched by the pandemic, but for 9/11, we were also all impacted and affected—intimately for those who lost their lives and the first responders and their families,” she said. 

Compounding it all are disagreements over wearing masks to help keep COVID-19 in check and the general uncertainty the pandemic has created, Mimm said during another recent interview with ABC27 news.

““It is stressful, and that can be bad long term,” Mimm said, “The division has overshadowed what is most important, health outcomes, not who you are affiliated with.”

No matter how one feels about COVID-19 and the issue of wearing masks to help stem its spread, Mimm said no one should keep their feelings bottled up and she suggests that people stay active and speak with mental health professionals if needed.

To view the FOX43 story, visit this link.

To watch the ABC27 report, click here.


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