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Dr. Tamara Peyton believes that digital tools and systems are laden with values about how we see ourselves as human beings, and how we view our future health, wellness, and potential. As a qualitative UX researcher and designer, she spends much of her time studying the actual contexts in which people interact with each other through their favorite technologies, in order to create digital experiences that are meaningful, respectful, and engaging.

Dr. Peyton lives in Harrisburg, PA with her lovable goofy rescue dog. She originally hails from the prairies of Canada and is fluent in Canadian French.

Teaching and Research Interests:

  • UX and HCI research and design
  • Social Computing
  • Service Design
  • Mobile health
  • Population Health
  • UX Qualitative Research

Research Projects:

Program involvement:

Teaching portfolio

Dr. Peyton is interested in recruiting graduate and undergraduate students who have interests in human-computer interaction, health, and wellness, mobile development, robotics, and augmented reality. Internships are available in these areas at the graduate and undergraduate levels. While her focus is mainly in graduate program in Human-Centered Interaction Design (HCID), and the Interactive Media undergraduate concentration in Interaction & Experience Design (UXD), and the she is willing to supervise student projects and in other programs whose interests align to her own.

HCID Courses taught:

  • Methods for Design Research (HCID 504)
  • Human SocioTechnical Interactions (HCID 510)
  • Users & Populations (HCID 520)
  • Design Research Studio (IMED 695)

IMED courses taught:  

  • Introduction to Interactive Media (IMED 140)
  • SocioTechnical Theory (IMED 220)
  • Methods for Design Research (IMED 270)
  • Project I (IMED 298)
  • Foundations of Interactive Media II (IMED 340)
  • Users and Populations (IMED 355)
  • Project II (IMED 398)
  • UX Design Studio (IMED 450)


Ph.D. in Information Sciences & Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA, USA.
M.A. in Sociology, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
B.A. in Sociology, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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